Discover different winning strategies with SORGA

  • Fragrance
    Le Jardin Retrouvé

    The distributor of Le Jardin Retrouv√© perfumes in China stresses the difficulty for its customers to authenticate the quality stemming from Haute Parfumerie Fran√ßaiseamong the available offer, where everything is branded “Paris” or “Made in France” out of commercial opportunism.

  • Cosmetics
    Clever Beauty

    How do you transform the customer experience without disowning your minimalist no case polish pack?

  • Fashion
    Thalie Paris

    How to enrich the customer experience by revealing the invisible of the  product? How does Thalie Paris facilitate the circularity of bags (second-hand), proof of authenticity or outlet training thanks to the tamper-proof Digital Product Passport.


  • Hair
    LAO Care

    “Made in France” is no longer enough: we want to know what brands put in our products that penetrate our bodies.

    Greenwashing is pass√©: we want evidence, common sense.”

A unique French technology at the service of responsible consumption

SORGA Technology develops responsible consumption by providing brands with a tamper-proof digital product passport for their transparency, traceability and circularity, without environmental impact or exposure of data to GAFAM.

Let’s restore confidence in the brands that deserve it.