How is Clever Beauty transforming the customer experience without abandoning its minimalist packaging?

Verifiables proofs

Clever Beauty is a committed French makeup brand that, thanks to 85% natural ingredients in its nail polishes and a patented anti-waste brush, brings both direct benefits to its customers (more usable product) and to the planet (its nail polishes are recyclable).

Consistency between the environmental commitments of the nail polish formulation and its packaging, forbid all cases to communicate its commitments on the product.

In perfumeries and beauty salons, how to take advantage of these advantages and commitments to the customer, true differentiators with the major market leaders?

Communicate your expertise without denying your impact

To reduce the impact of its products, Clever Beauty keeps packaging to a minimum for its nail polishes.
However, it is necessary to inform customers of the economic, ecological, social and circularity advantages that set Clever Beauty apart from nail polishes on the market. Differentiating criteria include:

  • Patented anti-waste cap provides more usable product for every customer
  • Formulated with 85% natural ingredients, much less chemical solvents than conventional varnish
  • Patented caps are assembled by young people with disabilities (inclusion)
  • This company was founded by a young woman chemist from Aix en Provence.
  • Glass bottle becomes recyclable, easy to process

… and Clever Beauty would also like to point out that ..:

  • Despite its Anglo-Saxon name (“Clever Beauty”), everything is Made in France (R&D, materials, packaging, storage).
  • The varnish is easily removed with natural remover natural remover Clever Beauty, based on biosourced ingredients derived from corn and enriched with castor oil


Proof of CSR commitments, product history and brand choices.


From research to production.


Varnish recycling instructions.

Know it all in one scan, and check the sources

With a SORGA QR code on each Clever Beauty polish, customers discover before choosing their polish, that Clever Beauty’s haveexclusive assets, multiple commitmentsand that each argument is verifiable by evidence made tamper-proof by the SORGA blockchain solution.

Video tutorials, interactive maps for each stage of product design, a video message from founder Ma√ęva Bentitallah and multilingual text in each tamper-proof passport helped develop trust and closeness between these committed polishers and customers.