Greenwashing is out: we want proof, we want common sense

Webapp functionality

LAO has developed a 1st range of simple (less than 15 ingredients), demanding cleansing care products made in France from organic and local active ingredients.

As Lisa Schino, founder of LAO Care, puts it, “the made in France is no longer enough: we want to know what brands put in our products and which penetrates our bodies. Greenwashing is passĂ©: we want proof, common sense.”

Strengthening trust through transparency and blockchain

The notoriety of a brand is sometimes a guarantee of trust, even if it is no longer sufficient today. When launching a new, committed brand, we need to reinforce trust without massive investment in media or point-of-sale advertising: it’s the product that must provide transparency, inviolable and verifiable proof.


The brand’s raison d’ĂȘtre, videos of the founder and her partners, and a look at the ingredients.


Material sourcing locations, manufacturing stages.


Aluminium bottle recycling instructions, refill instructions.

The SORGA digital passport and its enhanced QR code

By equipping LAO shampoos with SORGA-enriched QR codes, Lisa Schino revealsthe function of ingredients, their origin, and behind the scenes. All recorded in a inviolable way by the SORGA blockchain solution with very low environmental impact.

By adding this layer of trust where proof is legally enforceable commitments, LAO assumes its choices, explains them while respecting the ergonomics of SORGA passports: sober and factual.

Videos, interactive maps, interviews with partners (in Alsace for hemp, in Occitanie for nettle): factual information enriches the customer experience, which can then be extended bybrand immersion by redirecting to its website or social networks.