How does Thalie Paris create a unique relationship with each owner of its bags?

Webapp functionality

Thalie Paris is a sustainable luxury accessories brand inspired by 1930s modern art and muses.

Its bold handbags are created in innovative, vegan and recycled materials for women who don’t want to compromise onstyle and functionality but who understandthe importance of not over-consumingwhile using available resources..

Fashion suffers from waste and lacks sustainable solutions. With a sustainable, creative and innovative offering, Thalie Paris must accompany its innovations in style and materials with aninnovation in customer experience to reveal its commitments.

Revealing the invisible

From the quality and innovation environmental of the materials used, to production artisanal choices, all social and environmental effortsmust be revealed to customers.

However, product communication must not take precedence overproduct aesthetics.


Proof of the quality and origin of materials, and of French know-how.


Where raw materials are harvested, production stages.

CRM web3

Customer-only messaging in each passport, with the option of adding NFTs.

An enriched QR code for customers today, advisors tomorrow

By issuing one SORGA-enriched QR code per handbag, Thalie Paris invites its customers to discover the invisible behind each creation and extend the relationship through a privileged relationship (CRM).

Thalie Paris’ presence on the international fashion scene is accompanied by aSORGA tamper-proof digital passport for its products, in several languages, secured by a public blockchain (Bitcoin) and a solution (SORGA)with no environmental impactfor its secure registrations.

The same enhanced SORGA QR code will be used tomorrow to train consultants, who will access a training path specifically dedicated to their activities.