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Switch to transparency and traceability for your products

SORGA allows you to create and manage tamper-proof digital passports for each product, which can be accessed by simply scanning our enhanced QR codes.

Our technology enriches each product with a unique customer experience, traceable proof via public blockchain, with zero scope 3 environmental impact for brands, and multiple uses through a single connector: the SORGA enriched QR code.

A single QR code for each product, a multi-purpose connector

Scan the product’s SORGA QR code from your smartphone to access its digital passport with no application, download or update required.

These SORGA QR codes are connectors for tamper-proof digital passports, but also for checkout and a wide variety of business applications.

Are your products already in distribution without SORGA QR codes? We can connect our tamper-proof digital passports to your existing barcodes (GS1 EAN/GTIN) and then help you replace them with enhanced QR codes on your next products in accordance with GS1 guidelines.


Committed brands, provide proof of your CSR commitments, your raison d’être, the history of your product, etc.


Manufacturers, explain the stages of manufacture, tracking each product to protect your distributors


Manufacturers, involve your customers in the circularity of your products, inform them of recycling instructions by country

For brands

Develop the trust you deserve with consumers,
on the origin of your products or your proof of commitments, with a single augmented QR code, different on each product, secure, for information made inviolable by a public blockchain.

Enrich the customer experience with every product

From any smartphone, the SORGA QR code opens the tamper-proof digital passport of the SORGA product and displays the verifiably sourced information that the manufacturer and its partners are able to communicate to consumers.

This layer of trust allows quick access to key information organised in the same way for all products, rather than different websites each time. SORGA is simple, secure and open to the brand’s various sites and social networks.

Better still, by purchasing the product and adding it to “My products”, the brand can reserve exclusive benefits, content and functions for its customers, who own the passport to their product.

Demonstrate your CSR commitments

In a competitive environment concerned about the impact of consumption on our natural and human resources, the brands that will survive are those that provide proof of their commitments, not the lowest price.

Consumers are more interested in your commitments than your latest advert.

Provide the transparency expected by your customers and partners

We believe that trust is the key to developing responsible consumption. This trust between manufacturer and consumer is directly linked to transparency: the ability to easily access verifiable sources of product information.

This is what SORGA (‘the source’ in Provençal) makes possible by using the most robust public blockchain (Bitcoin) and exclusive CNRS patents, developed with KeeeX.

Feed your CRM, prepare your web3 CRM, your AI…

SORGA’s tamper-proof digital product passport maintains the link between your physical product and its successive owners, even if the SORGA QR code is no longer legible between second-hand retailers.

This enables the manufacturer to keep track of buyers of new products regardless of the shop or marketplace that sold the product, as well as resales between private individuals.

The data collected from products is invaluable for anticipating future product developments, the most popular content, recruiting groups of customers for co-design or feeding its web CRM3.

Controlling distribution through product unit traceability

A brand’s strength also lies in its ability to control its distribution.

Support your approved distributors and exclusive agents by providing them with proof that your products will not be sold by anyone other than them: with SORGA, you can trace your shipments and find out who is not honouring their commitments if a product is resold without authorisation.

Proving the authenticity of your products before you buy

Counterfeiting often harms natural resources and dignified working conditions, much more than lost sales for brands. A customer disappointed by a fake product is unlikely to buy from the brand again.

SORGA offers a number of possible checks prior to purchase: the blockchain enables the data to be uniquely authored, which is not possible with a physical product, each SORGA QR code can be enhanced with non-duplicable markers, the passport and its benefits can be blocked remotely, etc.

For customers

Consume better, know immediately what you are buying and benefit from exclusive services.

Who is this new brand I don’t know? Its raison d’être, originality, founders or talents, design and production sites: everything is simple, interactive and multilingual in a digital passport for SORGA products.

Who’s better than the people who make things to explain their choices and take legal responsibility for their information, whose author, date and integrity are made inviolable by SORGA?

Video tutorials, interactive maps, complementary products, proof of commitments: a rich and intuitive discovery powered by the authors of each piece of information.

By adding the product to your SORGA account after your purchase (“My products” section), you’ll discover what the brand has reserved for you: exclusive messaging reserved for digital passport holders of its products, loyalty benefits, invitations, etc.

The choice of each of your favourite brands!

The SORGA QR code allows you to check the authenticity of the physical product before you buy it. There are several possible steps to reassure you (or not!) that the SORGA passport is indeed that of the product in front of you…

What are the sorting instructions for the packaging of this product in my country? I don’t use it any more, but I can still use it: where can I take it back, how can I sell it? Its life has come to an end: how can I sort and recycle its various components to move towards circular consumption?

The SORGA passport reveals the manufacturer’s instructions in several languages for maintaining, conserving and repairing your product and managing its end-of-life responsibly.

Transparency on composition

Recycling tips

Recurring questions

Where is my personal data stored?

SORGA user data is hosted in France by a company governed by French law and subject to the General Data Protection Regulation.

How can I check that a passport or proof is authentic?

You can check the authenticity of a document that you have downloaded from your SORGA passport via

Who provides the information for a SORGA tag?

The brands themselves are the source of the content: no editorial intermediaries or pseudo-experts. You benefit instantly from the latest information available.

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