How can Haute Parfumerie Française be authenticated in China?

Proof of quality

Le Jardin Retrouvé is a timelessFrench House of Fragrance, independent and family-owned, created in 1975 by renowned Master Perfumer Yuri Gutsatz, founding father of the Parfumerie de Niche. Combining creativity and the best possible ingredients, the brand is international, available from the USA to China, via the Middle East and Australia.

The distributor of Le Jardin Retrouvé perfumes in China points out how difficult it is for its customers to authenticate the quality stemming from Haute Parfumerie Françaiseamong the available offer where everything is branded “Paris” or “Made in France” out of commercial opportunism.

Provide proof of quality in the expected language

Not all Chinese consumers are fluent in the English that appears on perfume packaging.
To provide proof of its quality, it is not only necessary to explain it on each product, but also in the customers’ language: Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.


Proof of the quality and origin of materials, and of French know-how.


Where raw materials are harvested, production stages.


Invitation to join the Jardin Parfumé community in 1 scan.

Transparency, multilingualism, tamper-resistance and CRM

Le Jardin Retrouvé has ordered from SORGAstickers with enriched QR codes serialized by SORGA for all orders ofperfumes already manufactured bound for China.

This sticker has been printed with eco-designed backing and a biodegradable anchor, in the shape of a cat’s tongue to add an extra feature: the tamper-evident seal, guaranteeing that the case cannot be opened.

With an enriched, serialized SORGA QR code visible on 2 sides (top and side) and unavoidable when opening the product, access to the digital passport is even more obvious. It opens automatically in the usual language of the internet browser on the customer’s smartphone.

Le Jardin Retrouvé also wants to engage its new Chinese customers in a unique relationship. An invitation to declare oneself the owner of the digital passport after purchase is made very easily thanks to a unique code (provided by SORGA) on the inside of the case.

Michel Gutsatz, CEO Le Jardin Retrouvé