What is SORGA?

SORGA is a technology that allows to reveal interactive, inviolable and unique information for each unique product.

It brings transparency and authentication of information to consumers as well as unique services provided (or not!) by the brands, before and after their purchase.

SORGA produces unique digital certificates for each product, which allow customers to stay in privileged contact with the brand that issues this digital certificate for its products.

What is a SORGA tag for?

A SORGA tag on a product lets consumers know what they are buying …

  • What is the raison d’être of this brand? Why is it making this product?
  • What is the use and target audience of this product?
  • What are these precise technical characteristics? What are its ingredients / components?
  • How is this product made? How do you use it?
  • What are the social and environmental impacts linked to this product?
  • Does it use recycled materials? Which parts are recyclable? Where are the recycling points by material located near me?
  • Who are the talents who designed this product? Who was the creator of this brand? Who are its ambassadors today?
  • Where is this product designed, manufactured, assembled? Where do the components come from?
  • What have been the significant events of this product since the date of its manufacture?

    and to benefit from exclusive services according to the brands that use the SORGA tags:
  • Where to buy it?
  • What are the official sites, social networks of this brand?
  • Contact the brand
  • Give your opinion on this product
  • Benefit from the brand’s loyalty program
  • See the unique certificate of authenticity
  • See the unique certificate of ownership
  • Declare the product stolen, lost, consumed, …
  • Make an appointment with an advisor
  • See recommended complementary products

Who provides contents in a SORGA tag?

The brands themselves are the source of the content: neither editorial intermediary, nor pseudo-expert.

You instantly benefit from the latest information available.

SORGA is the trusted third party that allows a simple reading of brand commitments, proof of their promises.

Why SORGA is not an app?

SORGA is intentionally not an application for at least 3 reasons:

As users, we are already flooded with all-and-nothing apps: no need to add more, over 80% of apps downloaded from are never used.

Applications take up space on our smartphones. It seemed preferable to us to leave the memory of your smartphone available for your photos, for example.

Application platforms are not accessible to users around the world: Google and Apple are sometimes banned, the smartphone browser never.

Where are hosted my personal datas?

SORGA user data is hosted in France by a company incorporated under French law, subject to the General Data Protection Regulations.

80% of the European internet is hosted by Amazon, Microsoft or Google: these American companies, even if they respect the GDPR law and have servers in Europe, are subject to the Cloud Act and the Patriot Act of the American state.

However, the USA is one of the few countries in the world where state organizations (the secret services of the NSA for example) can have access to the data of national companies even if they do not have a judicial mandate, in the name of the national interest ;-).

SORGA has chosen not to entrust them with the data of its users, unlike a good number of fellow blockchain players.

Are my personal datas in a blockchain?

No, your personal data is not on the blockchain.

All data is 100% encrypted.

They are hashes, so it is impossible to trace personal data, even if you mistakenly create your nickname with personal information such as your email or mobile number.

The digital signature will always be separate from the data entered by the user.

Is SORGA free, freemium, anything to pay?

No, using SORGA is and will remain free for anyone flashing a SORGA tag.

The technology is paid by the brands that create their SORGA tags.

Can I transfer my SORGA tag even if I have lost the packaging?

Yes, the digital version of your SORGA tag is indestructible: it is this which operates the transfer of ownership of your product.

Is the physical SORGA tag lost, stolen or destroyed?
No problem, you can connect to SORGA.APP and find all your electronic certificates.

It’s up to you to transfer them to the new owners of your products from SORGA.APP in a few clicks!

Should I cut out and keep my product tags?

No, once added to “My products” in your SORGA.APP account, there is no need to keep the SORGA tags physically.

No one will be able to declare themselves the owner of your product without your authorization: so remember to systematically add your products with a SORGA tag to your digital safe by flashing their tag.

All the information they contain is now in your digital safe!

Even if your product is resold, you can transfer the certificate of authenticity from SORGA.APP and designate the new owner without having the physical SORGA tag: everything is in SORGA.APP once the product has been added to its safe!


Why using blockchain ?

It is the most reliable trust process ever designed.

It is an immutable and traceable system that allows information to be stored, viewed and transmitted in a transparent, secure manner and without a central control body.

There are private, semi-private and public blockchains.
With SORGA’s mission to secure verifiable and transparent information between a producer and its customer, it was imperative to work on a public blockchain: verifying proof does not require third-party software, it can be freely consulted by everyone at any time.

The blockchain has enabled us to develop an intelligent solution for the issues of traceability, transparency, counterfeiting, transfer of ownership for each product equipped with a SORGA digital passport.

Our information is saved forever: even if SORGA disappeared, the original evidence, the events of each passport remain available forever.

How does a blockchain actually work?

The events of a SORGA passport as well as the elements of the original evidence (the metadata of the original documents such as the identity of the author, the date as well as a marker proving the non-modification of the document) are saved in “ blocks”.

Each block is connected to the one before it and to the next. Each block is non-modifiable, non-erasable, therefore inviolable.

A blockchain is the succession of blocks, recorded and duplicated on thousands of computers declared available for this blockchain.

A public blockchain uses tens of thousands of computers that already exist and have been declared available. A private blockchain must set up the computers that will be dedicated to it: it therefore generates more digital activity, an activity that already emits enough CO²…

Why is it so complicated to hijack blockchain information?

Imagine that you want to attribute to yourself the Harry Potter novels written by JK Rowling, to make everyone believe that the real authentic novels are those which bear your name as the author of the books (principle of counterfeiting, I copy and I make believe that I am the original to capture revenue).

You must change the name of the author in all editions and printed copies, as well as any association of this work and its author.
Here, there is not a single register that associates novels with their authors for the whole world, as is the case for the Internet where a server delivers centralized information to everyone.

With time and the success of the work printed millions of times, it is decentralized information that must be modified millions of times…

It is a similar principle for the blockchain: the information is no longer centralized in one place (a server or a database) but decentralized, multiplied. Add to this that in the blockchain, it is not possible to modify recorded information, the information is systematically dated, signed by its author.

Which blockchain does SORGA use ?

We have opted for the most robust and reliable blockchain for over a decade, the public Bitcoin blockchain.

No cryptocurrency payments are linked to SORGA passports. Neither for the manufacturers of the equipped products, nor for the users of the passports. The speculative volatility and complexity of cryptocurrencies is not the topic for SORGA users.

In addition, data protection most often involves expensive and very complicated infrastructures (storage of files in digital safes or cryptographic pipes whose cost increases with volume and duration). We use references to certified objects, without being forced to store the documents in the blockchain.

Our technology limits the energy impacts of our blockchain transcriptions: 50,000 or 100,000 events recorded in the blockchain by our SORGA tags passports do not require more energy to send an email.

We use Bitcoin Layer 2 to optimize our environmental impact, especially energy.

Why a public blockchain?

Mainly three major advantages of using the public blockchain:

  • data security thanks to strong decentralization (information is contained in blocks scattered and repeated thousands of times)
  • transparency thanks to the possible external consultation of the certificates by all and at all times
  • the environmental impact: we do not add dedicated servers to operate SORGA, neither at our premises nor at our customers. The manufacture, maintenance and end of life of digital technology has an impact on our environment. We want to limit it as much as possible.

Why a blockchain passport ?

By purchasing a product equipped with a SORGA passport, its certificate of authenticity provides you with two important proofs:

  • on the one hand, its authenticity thanks to various elements contained in the passport (its detailed characteristics, the events of the product since its creation, its partners who sign the proofs they provide, but also other techniques allowing you to provide proof that the passport is that of the associated product)
  • on the other hand the name of its current owner.

So, if you have purchased the product, consider declaring yourself the new owner by clicking on “add to my safe” from the passport read on your smartphone. You will be asked for proof of purchase (new product) or a unique code (used) provided by the previous owner.

This certificate of authenticity will therefore allow you to guarantee the authenticity of your product and to certify that you are the owner if you wish to offer or resell your product. No more risk of losing a certificate of authenticity usually provided with the product on a sheet of paper or a card: the certificate contained in your SORGA passport is digital, recorded forever in the blockchain.

The certificate is accessible by clicking on the top left of the passport on the “A” symbol.

The passport brings many already known advantages:

  • Transparency of the manufacturer and its stakeholders
  • Traceability of components and product after sale
  • Fight against counterfeiting
  • Video dedication for the person to whom you offer the product
  • Private messaging between the owner and the brand
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards
  • Advantages reserved for all or certain passport owners (products offered by lottery, discounts, invitations, etc.)
  • Tracking product repairs, product life events (transfer of ownership, adding photos or videos, etc.)

… but also those that the future holds for us:

  • Exclusive digital experiences
  • Web3, NFT associated with certain passports, metaverse access, etc.